Pop into Performance: Five Days of Using One’s Imagination

Beginning June 10 – 14, from 1 – 3 pm at St John’s Dance Academy Studio, Kate Davis will lead a workshop featuring a daily story with a specific skill set according to that story line. This workshop is designed for children aged 7 years and older. Activities will include acting, Pantomime, improvisation, roll playing characterization through costumes and props, movement, spell casting and dueling (with no contact,) and stage stunt techniques.


Curriculum for the one-week Pop into Performance workshop is as follows:

Monday “Alice in Wonderland” Students will focus on improvisation, create the Mad Hatter through props and their own imagination as well as creating other scenes from the story.

Tuesday “Neverland” Today is the beginning of a characterization, learning a ‘fight’ scene as on the ship in the story.

Wednesday “Harry Potter” – Here students will learn spell casting and dueling with games designed to develop imagination, creativity and cooperative social interaction through roll playing, improvisation and performance.

Thursday “Star Wars” – Today’s skill classes, with games and exercises, are designed to enhance awareness of mind, body and spirit. Students will learn Jedi mind tricks, use the ‘force,’ duel with light sabers and learn light saber dances.

Friday – Review the week and presentation of Showcase which parents and friends may view. The first hour will be review, with the second hour the student’s showcase.


Tuition is $100 per student for the week. Individual day classes are $30 (up to 4). We only accept credit cards or cash.

Participants must wear ballet shoes and may attend in a costume and make-up related to any character involved in the day’s theme – provided the costume is functional for movement and stage ‘combat.’

Suggested apparel – leggings or shorts and a t-shirt.