Girl on shock-absorbent dance floor

Our Studio Flooring

We have a professional dance floor designed to minimize injuries and future joint problems. We care for our dancers’ long-term development and health, so we have invested in basketweave flooring with Harlequin Marley overlay in the studio. This shock-absorbent, sprung floor system allows our dancers to perform with less strain on their joints.

Our Dance Program

As the only studio in Northeast Florida offering the Revolutionary Principles of Movement program (RPM), we provide a true advantage for dancers of all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. This program is outlined in the newly released book, The Spark, the Legacy that Changed the Dance World.

RPM teaches dancers how to use their control zones to tap into kinetic energy that exists within and around them. This energy makes leaping and landing effortless (and safe). Using both isometric and isotonic exercises creates healthy muscles and bones, and helps students understand stabilization and balance.

Trainer with student